Wing Shooting in South Africa

South Africa offers a vast diversity of Wing shooting / Bird hunting opportunities. There are options to suit all preferences and tastes.



Types of available Wingshooting



Walk up Rough shooting

Walk up shooting is mainly conducted over pointing and flushing dogs where a small stretch of grassland is chosen. The shooters then walk through the area. The dogs are controlled by their respective dog handlers. When a dog goes on point the guns move into position. The dogs are given the command to flush the birds. If a bird is brought down the dogs will retrieve the bird and deliver it to the hand of the dog handler.

Walk up shooting often entails a fair amount of walking and many miles can be covered during a hunting day. After each beat the wing shooters will come together and discuss the beat.

Safety is of paramount importance. The professional hunter will make sure that none of the shooters move out of position and endanger themselves or the other shooters.

This is the best hunting method for Francolin, Spurfowl and Gunieafowl. Walk up rough shooting is one of the most enjoyable forms of wing shooting. Shots are often unexpected and require skill to be successfull.

Pigeon and Dove shooting on flight paths

Pigeons, doves and sand grouse can be shot when they fly between feeding or drinking places and where they roost. A well used flight path can provide for some exciting shooting.

Shooters will be placed out in a line. Each shooter will be given a direction and shooting arch to cover. All birds that are within the shooters field of fire can be safely shot.

Birds are only recovered at the end of the shoot.

This is one of the best hunting methods for Sand grouse, Rock Pigeons and Doves.


Pigeon and Dove shooting over grain fields

One of the most successful and enjoyable methods for hunting Pigeons and Doves is over grain fields.  The guns are placed out around the field in such a way that they do not endanger any of the other shooters. Birds are shot as they approach the field. If the guns are placed correctly the birds can be Kept circling the field for quite some time.

On a good day each gun will get 500 plus, challenging shot opportunities.

This is one of the best wing shooting methods for shooting Rock Pigeons and Doves.



Dogs for wing shooting
Waterfowl shooting

Most waterfowl shooting is conducted in the early morning as the sun rises or late afternoon as the sun sets. Shooters are strategically placed around a still water. Ducks and geese are shot as they leave for their feeding areas or return to roost for the night.

Generally the birds will depart and return from a given direction. Shooters will be placed in such a way that they can effectively cover the area from which the birds are expected to appear.

Dogs are again used to retrieve downed birds that fall into the water.


Guns For Wing Shooting

Generally we recommend that shooters use 12 ga shotguns, ladies might prefer  the reduced recoil of a 20 ga.

*** Please note that only double barreled, and pump action guns are allowed. You will not be able to bring a semi-automatic shotgun into South Africa.***


Recommended Shot Size

Doves, Pigeons and Sand Grouse – Shot No. 7

Francolin, Spurfowl and Gunieafowl – Shot No. 6-7

Waterfowl – Shot No. 3-4


A typical Wing Shooting day

Your normal wing shooting day will look something like this. Early morning wake up and have breakfast. We will then leave the lodge heading to our concession which might be a 20 minute drive from the lodge. On arrival at the hunting concession there will be a briefing on the days hunting. Guns will then be placed out into their shooting positions. After an enjoyable mornings shoot, we will all gather for lunch and refreshments.

After lunch we may move to a different shooting area or change hunting tactics. An enjoyable afternoon will be spent shooting indigenous South African birds.

As darkness falls we will return to the lodge for a great evening meal and a few sundowners. After which we turn in for the night to nurse our bruised shoulders.

The next day we will return to do it all again.


Group Sizes

Wing shooting is very much a social pastime. We can accommodate group sizes of between four and twelve wing shooters. All groups will be guided by one or more Professional Hunters.


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