Plains Game Species Available to Hunt in South Africa

South Africa has established itself as a popular hunting destination, attracting sportsmen from all over the world. With its diverse wildlife and vast plains, one of the most thrilling experiences for hunters in this country is engaging in plains game hunting. This type of hunting allows individuals to explore the rich biodiversity found in South Africa, making it an unforgettable adventure.

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The Diversity of Plains Game Species in South Africa

South Africa boasts an impressive array of species of plains game, offering a unique and diverse hunting experience for enthusiasts on an African Safari. Among the notable species found here is the graceful Impala, known for its impressive leaps and elegant appearance. These agile antelopes can be found in various habitats, including grasslands, woodlands, and savannas.

Another majestic species that can be spotted is the Kudu, one of the best animals in Africa to hunt. South Africa is renowned for this species and has some of the best Kudu hunting in sub-Saharan Africa. These impressive antelopes are known for their ability to adapt to different environments, making them a prized target for hunters. Kudus can be found in a variety of habitats, including open woodlands, mountains, and scrublands.

The Gemsbok, also known as the Oryx, is another remarkable species of antelope found in Southern Africa. These striking antelopes are recognized for their long, straight horns and distinctive black and white facial markings. Gemsbok inhabit arid regions such as deserts and semi-deserts, showcasing their ability to adapt to harsh environments.

South Africa is also home to other notable plains game species, including the Blue Wildebeest, Zebra, Eland, Sable and Springbok and dangerous game. Each of these species possesses distinct characteristics and can be found in different habitats throughout the country. The wildebeest, known for its annual migration, can be spotted in grasslands and savannas. Zebra, with their iconic black and white stripes, roam grasslands and woodlands. The Eland, one of the largest antelopes in the world, can be found in a variety of habitats, including grasslands, woodlands, and mountains. Lastly, the Springbok, known for its incredible speed and unique jumping behavior called pronking, inhabits open grasslands and semi-deserts.

Regulations and Seasons for African Plains Game Hunting

When embarking on a plains game hunt in South Africa, it is crucial to adhere to the hunting regulations in place. These regulations ensure the sustainability of the hunting industry and the preservation of wildlife. Understanding the seasons for each species is essential, as it helps in planning the hunting trip effectively. The start and end dates for seasons vary but in general the best time for plains game in Africa is between May and October

Additionally, licensing requirements and permits must be obtained to participate in the hunt, ensuring responsible and legal hunting practices. These permits help in monitoring the number of animals harvested and contribute to the conservation efforts in South Africa. It is important for hunters to familiarize themselves with the specific regulations and obtain the necessary licenses to ensure a safe and ethical African hunting safari.

Popular Areas in South Africa for a Trophy Hunting Safari

South Africa offers a range of regions known for their excellent plains game hunting opportunities. The renowned Kruger National Park, located in the northeastern part of the country, is a prime location for hunting enthusiasts. With its vast landscapes and diverse species, including elephants, lions, and buffalo, Kruger National Park provides an unforgettable hunting experience. Hunters can explore the park’s open plains and dense woodlands, encountering various plains game animals along the way.

The Eastern Cape is another sought-after region for plains game hunting, known for its abundance of wildlife and picturesque scenery. This region offers a mix of private game reserves and communal land, providing hunters with diverse hunting opportunities. The Eastern Cape’s rolling hills, open grasslands, and dense forests create a stunning backdrop for a memorable hunting experience.

Limpopo Province, located in the northern part of South Africa, is home to several game reserves and private hunting concessions. This region offers unique hunting experiences, with its diverse landscapes ranging from bushveld and savannas to mountains and rivers. Hunters can expect to encounter a variety of plains game trophies, including Kudu, Impala, and Warthogs, while enjoying the beauty of the Limpopo Province.

The North West Province is also a popular destination for plains game hunting, offering a variety of species and excellent hunting facilities. This region is known for its vast grasslands, rocky hills, and dense bushveld, providing a diverse range of habitats for various African plains game. Hunters can explore the North West Province’s game reserves and private hunting areas, immersing themselves in the natural beauty of South Africa.

South African Hunting Packages

Plains game hunting brings more hunters to Africa than dangerous game animals. A plains game safari in South Africa will cost less than a guided Elk hunt in the United States. Big game hunting also available.

Included in our Plains Game Hunting Packages

  • – Accommodation in our hunting lodge or camps, meals and drinks
  • – The Services of a Professional hunting Guide
  • – Daily rates and trophy fees
  • – Skinning/Field preparation of animals and delivery to the taxidermist
  • – Transportation to and from OR Tambo International Airport

Classic Safari Hunting Package

Price $5 550 for 2 X 1 & 1 X 1 $ 6 250
Prices are per package /person

7 Days Hunting

4 Plains Game Antelope – Wildebeest, Blesbok, Impala & Warthog

Accommodation & Meals

Bronze Hunting Package

Price $6 300 for 2 X 1 & 1 X 1 $ 7 000
Prices are per package /person

7 Days Hunting

4 plains Animals – Blue Wildebeest, Zebra, Impala & Warthog

Accommodation & Meals

Silver Package Hunt

Price $7 800 for 2 X 1 & 1 X 1 $ 8 500
Prices are per package /person

7 Days Hunting

5 Species of game – Wildebeest, Nyala, Blesbok, Impala & Warthog

Accommodation & Meals

Gold Package Hunt

Price $10 350 for 2 X 1 & 1 X 1 $ 11 000
Prices are per package /person

7 Days Hunting

5 Game Species Animals – Kudu, Nyala, Gemsbuck, Impala & Warthog

Accommodation & Meals

Hunting Methods and Techniques for a Hunt in South Africa

Various hunting methods are employed when pursuing plains game in South Africa. Stalking is a common technique used, allowing hunters to carefully track and approach their desired species. This method requires patience, stealth, and knowledge of the animal’s behavior and habitat. By moving quietly and staying downwind, hunters increase their chances of getting within range for a successful shot.

Spot and stalk is another popular method used in plains game hunting. This technique involves spotting game from a distance and then closing in for a successful hunt. Spotting scopes or binoculars are essential tools for scanning the landscape and identifying potential targets. Once a suitable animal is located, hunters must carefully plan their approach, utilizing cover and terrain to get closer without alarming the animal.

For those seeking a more challenging experience, bow hunting in South Africa. This method requires heightened skill and precision, as bow hunters must get within close range for an ethical shot. Bow hunters must practice extensively to develop accuracy and master the art of stealth. They must also be familiar with the anatomy of the animal they are hunting to ensure a clean and humane kill.

Regardless of the chosen method, it is crucial for hunters to familiarize themselves with the techniques and seek guidance from experienced professionals. Hiring a professional hunting guide or outfitter can provide valuable knowledge and assistance in navigating the hunting areas, increasing the chances of a successful hunt.

Accommodation on Plains Game Hunting Safari

During a South African plains game hunt , hunters can choose from a range of accommodation options to suit their preferences and budgets. From luxury lodges to tented camps, there are facilities available that provide comfort and relaxation after a long day of hunting. These accommodations often offer stunning views of the surrounding landscapes, allowing hunters to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of South Africa.

In addition to comfortable accommodations, hunters can also enjoy an immersive safari experience. South Africa is renowned for its diverse wildlife, and many hunting areas offer opportunities to encounter other species during game drives or guided walks. These experiences provide a chance to appreciate the country’s incredible biodiversity and witness animals in their natural habitats.

Conservation Efforts and Sustainable Hunting

Conservation plays a vital role in South Africa’s hunting industry. Efforts are made to ensure the preservation of wildlife and their habitats, promoting sustainable hunting practices. Strict regulations and quotas are in place to maintain healthy population levels and protect endangered species. By adhering to these regulations, hunters contribute to the long-term conservation of South Africa’s wildlife.

The hunting industry in South Africa actively contributes to conservation initiatives through various means. Funds generated from hunting licenses and permits are often allocated towards habitat restoration, anti-poaching efforts, and community development. These contributions help protect wildlife populations and improve the livelihoods of local communities.

By participating in hunting plains game in South Africa, hunters not only have the opportunity for an exhilarating adventure but also contribute to these conservation efforts. Responsible hunting practices, such as selective harvesting and fair chase ethics, ensure the sustainability of the country’s wildlife for future generations.


In conclusion, South Africa offers a thrilling and diverse hunting experience for those interested in plains game hunting. With a wide range of species, hunting seasons, and methods, there is something to suit every enthusiast’s preferences. The country’s stunning landscapes, exceptional accommodations, and commitment to conservation make it an ideal destination for hunters seeking an unforgettable safari adventure.

Consider embarking on a plains game hunt in South Africa and discover the beauty and excitement this country has to offer. From tracking graceful Impala to stalking majestic Kudu, the plains game hunting experience in South Africa will leave hunters with memories to last a lifetime.

Adrian Anderson has been a Licensed Professional Hunter and Hunting Outfitter for 32 years

Adrian Anderson first obtained his Professional Hunters license in 1991. He is a Big Five and Dangerous Game licensed Professional Hunter and Hunting Outfitter. He has a tremendous love for wildlife and the African bush and enjoys sharing his knowledge with the hunting clients that he guides. Guiding hunters in Africa’s wild places is a passion and seeing them succeed with their goals brings satisfaction. With knowledge of the Safari industry built up over 32 years he is well qualified to give guidance to his hunting clients.