Price for Bushbuck hunting in South Africa - Lady hunter and excellent Bushbuck trophy taken on a hunt in Limpopo.

Are you a passionate hunter looking for an exhilarating adventure in the wilds of South Africa? If so, Bushbuck hunting should definitely be on your radar. With its challenging nature and beautiful surroundings, hunting this elusive antelope species can provide an unforgettable experience. We will dive into the details of a hunt in South Africa for Bushbuck, including the prices associated with this thrilling pursuit.

Understanding the Bushbuck

Before we discuss the pricing, it’s essential to familiarize ourselves with the Bushbuck. Native to sub-Saharan Africa, this antelope species belongs to the Tragelaphus genus and is widely distributed throughout the region. With their striking appearance and remarkable adaptability, Bushbucks are a popular game animal for hunting enthusiasts. There are two subspecies available – Limpopo Bushbuck and Cape Bushbuck, the rams of both are solitary animals and spend most of their time in thick bush, only coming out in late afternoons or early mornings. These elusive and cunning animals are members of the spiral horn family. The Chobe Bushbuck is found in Botswana and Zimbabwe. The female Bushbuck is called an ewe.

What is the price for Bushbuck hunting in South Africa?

The price in South Africa for Bushbuck hunting or the trophy fee is: $ 1 650.

This is the fee for the animal. To this you still need to add the day fees.

These opportunities are available for Rifle and Bow hunting. 

Prices are valid for the 2023 & 2024 South Africa hunting safari season. Contact us for any additional information.

Day Fees for A South African Bushbuck Hunting Safari

If you hunt 2 X 1 in other words you share the hunting opportunities with a friend – wife – son the price is $ 350 per day for each hunter.

If you hunt 1 X 1 in other words you have the services of a guide to yourself and do not share the animals and opportunities with anyone else the price is $ 450 per day.

2 X 1 @ $ 350 per person per day or 1 X 1 @ $ 450 per person per day.

So the final inclusive price for the trip will be number of days x the day fee plus the animal fee.

7 days X $ 350 = $ 2 450 + Trophy fee $ 1 650 for a Total Cost of $ 4 100.

What is included in the day fees?

Daily Rates Include

  • Professional guides Fees
  • Licenses
  • Meals
  • Accommodation
  • Soft drinks
  • limited Beer and Wine
  • Field preparation of your hunting trophy
  • Road transportation from OR Tambo International Airport

For more information take a look at the price list.

What is not included in the day fee?

Day Rate Excludes

  • Air fare or flight
  • Taxidermist charges
  • Gratuities
  • Items of a personal nature
  • VAT on day fees at 15%
  • Insurance
  • CITIES Permits
  • Rifle hire

What is the cost a hunting Package that includes a Bushbuck?

The price of a hunting Package that includes a Bushbuck is: $ 4 100.

This package hunt includes 7 hunting days, 1 plains game Animal – trophy Bushbuck. It also includes Accommodation, meals and soft drinks, the services of a licensed professional hunter, all permits and licenses, the skinning and field preparation of your trophies and road transportation to and from Johannesburg International airport.

Please note: This price is for hunting 2 X 1. If hunting 1 X 1 the cost is $ 4 800. Hunters should consider adding Sable and Kudu to this African safari hunt.

To embark on an unforgettable hunting adventure, it’s crucial to select the right package. Several factors influence the cost, including the duration of the trip, the number of animals included, and the quality of accommodations. Generally, packages range from basic options to luxurious experiences, catering to different preferences and budgets.

The best Bushbuck hunting trips are in the Limpopo province and Eastern Cape where these animals are abundant. These animals are known for spending most of their time in dense bush, there is no hunting season restriction on these animals, and Bushbuck’s may be hunted year round in South Africa. Consider a South African trip that includes plains game hunting for the other spiral horn antelope such as Eland, Kudu, and Nyala. You might also think about including a dangerous game trip for Cape Buffalo hunts. You will have the choice of spot and stalk or bow hunters can choose still hunting from a blind over waterholes.

Price Distribution & Factors Affecting the Price

When it comes to determining the price for hunting Bushbuck  in South Africa, several factors come into play. These factors can include:

Trophy Quality and Size

The size and quality of the Bushbuck trophy you are aiming for can significantly impact the overall cost of your hunt. Fees are often calculated based on the size of the majestic horns of the animal harvested, with larger and more impressive specimens commanding higher prices. Bushbuck make a truly impressive wall mount.

Hunting Method

The hunting method you choose can also influence the cost of your Bushbuck experience. Whether you opt for a walk and stalk approach or prefer to hunt from a blind or high seat, the required resources and logistics may vary, leading to variations in pricing. Bushbuck shot placement is critical, you do not want to wound, wounded Bushbuck can be dangerous and have been known to kill and maim both men and dogs.


South Africa offers a diverse range of hunting destinations, each with its unique characteristics and offerings. The location you select for your Bushbuck trip can affect the price due to factors such as accessibility, accommodation, and the availability of the species in that area.

Additional Game Species

If you are interested in pursuing other game species alongside Bushbuck ram, such as Impala, Kudu, or Nyala, the inclusion of these additional species in your hunting package will naturally influence the overall price. Different species carry different trophy fees and may require specific hunting permits.

Accommodation and Amenities

The level of accommodation and amenities provided during your hunting trip can also impact the overall price. From comfortable lodges to luxury camps, the quality and exclusivity of your accommodation choice can raise the cost.

Season and Duration

The best time of year and the duration of your trip can affect the pricing as well. Peak seasons, such as the dry winter months of June to October when game is more concentrated around water sources, could be more expensive. Bushbuck are a water dependent species. Additionally, longer hunting trips generally result in higher costs due to the increased expenses associated with guides, support staff, and resources.

Pricing Range for Bushbuck

While it is challenging to provide an exact price for Bushbuck  in South Africa due to the varying factors mentioned above, we can provide a general pricing range to give you an idea of what to expect.

On average, a Bushbuck package can range from $1,600 to $6,000, depending on the animal quality, location, and additional species included. This price typically covers a 5-7 day trip, including accommodation, meals, professional guides, trackers, and field preparation of animals.

It’s important to note that the fees for Bushbuck can vary considerably, with prices starting from around $ 1 600 and going up to several thousand dollars for exceptional specimens.

Licensing and Permits

When planning your Bushbuck adventure in South Africa, it is crucial to ensure that you have obtained the necessary licenses and permits. These permits are typically obtained by a reputable outfitter or professional guide who will guide you through the process and ensure compliance with local regulations.


Hunting any where in South Africa for Bushbuck offers an adrenaline-filled experience for avid sportsmen seeking a challenging and rewarding pursuit. The price for such a trip can vary depending on factors like quality, method, location, additional species, accommodation, and season. By considering these factors and working with a knowledgeable outfitter, you can plan a memorable African hunting safari that fits your budget and satisfies your adventurous spirit.

FAQ’s Frequently Asked Questions

What factors affect the price of Bushbuck in Southern Africa?

The factors that can affect the price of Bushbuck in Southern Africa include animal quality and size, method, location, additional game species, and accommodation and amenities.

How does the size and quality of the Bushbuck impact the cost?

The size of the Bushbuck you are aiming for can significantly impact the overall cost of your trip. Larger and more impressive specimens usually command higher prices.

Does the method chosen affect the cost of Bushbuck?

Yes, the method you choose can influence the cost of your Bushbuck experience. Different methods, such as walk-and-stalk or sitting in a blind or high seat, may require different resources and logistics, leading to variations in pricing.

Can pursuing additional game species alongside Bushbuck affect the price? 

Yes, if you are interested in pursuing other game species alongside Bushbuck, such as Impala, Waterbuck, or Nyala, the inclusion of these additional species in your package will naturally influence the overall price. Different species carry different fees and may require specific permits.

Adrian Anderson has been a Licensed Professional Hunter and Hunting Outfitter for 32 years

Adrian Anderson first obtained his Professional Hunters license in 1991. He is a Big Five and Dangerous Game licensed Professional Hunter and Hunting Outfitter. He has a tremendous love for wildlife and the African bush and enjoys sharing his knowledge with the hunting clients that he guides. Guiding hunters in Africa’s wild places is a passion and seeing them succeed with their goals brings satisfaction. With knowledge of the Safari industry built up over 32 years he is well qualified to give guidance to his hunting clients.