Hunting in Limpopo South Africa - Gemsbok Bull.

The Limpopo Province, located in the northern part of South Africa, boasts a diverse and a rich hunting heritage. Named after the Limpopo River bordering it to the north, the region features expansive bushveld, mountains, rolling hills, and iconic Baobab trees. Its capital, Polokwane, serves as the economic and cultural hub. With a fascinating history, with evidence of early human habitation dating back thousands of years. The natural beauty and historical significance of the area make it a compelling destination for travelers and, notably, for sportsmen seeking an authentic experience on a hunt in South Africa

Hunting in South Africa – Limpopo

The World renowned Limpopo has emerged as the premier destination for hunting, attracting enthusiasts globally. The province’s vast landscapes provide an ideal setting for both rifle and bow hunting, offering a diverse range of game species. Visitors are captivated not only by the thrill of the chase but also by the opportunity to engage with Africa’s iconic wildlife. The province’s appeal extends beyond trophy hunting to encompass an immersive connection with nature, understanding local culture, and contributing to biodiversity conservation. 

Crooks Corner

Crooks Corner, a remote and historically significant location where the borders of South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique converge, holds a special place in history. This isolated corner earned its name due to its association with fugitives and outlaws seeking refuge across colonial borders. Crooks Corner stands as a symbol of the challenges posed by colonial boundaries and the fluidity of life in this borderland. Its tales of adventure and intrigue contribute to the captivating history of Southern Africa. 

Overview of the Landscape

 Limpopo Province boasts a diverse and captivating landscape epitomizing the natural beauty of South Africa. From expansive bushveld to mountains and rolling hills and dense riverine forests, the province’s varied topography provides a stunning backdrop for adventures. The Limpopo River, a lifeline for the region, meanders through the province, shaping its terrain and sustaining it’s abundant wildlife. Iconic Baobab trees dot the horizon, adding a touch of ancient grandeur to the scenery. From the Waterberg Mountains in the west to the Kruger National Park in the east, these landscapes provide a mesmerizing canvas for exploration. 

Mapungubwe National Park

One of the crown jewels is the Mapungubwe archaeological site, a UNESCO World Heritage Site encapsulating the province’s historical and natural significance. This site is home to the ancient kingdom of Mapungubwe, revealing a sophisticated society that thrived a millennium ago. The park not only showcases the historical richness of the region but also offers breathtaking views of the river valley and the surrounding landscapes. 


The Province shares borders with Mozambique to the northeast, Zimbabwe to the north, and Botswana to the northwest. These international boundaries contribute to the province’s unique geopolitical location. The River serves as a natural border, creating a dynamic interface between these different countries. This geographical proximity enhances cross-cultural influences, enriching its traditions and contributing to the vibrant tapestry of the province. The borders also play a role in the movement of wildlife, creating an interconnected ecosystem that extends beyond national boundaries. 

Best Time for Hunting in Limpopo Province

 The optimal time for hunting in the Limpopo varies throughout the year, with each season offering a unique experience. The dry winter months, from May to September, are favored by many. During this period, sparse vegetation enhances visibility, making it easier to track and spot game. Cooler temperatures also create more comfortable conditions. However, the summer months, from October to April, bring lush landscapes and increased wildlife activity and the breeding season. The best time often depends on personal preferences, desired game species, and the type of experience sought. 

Diverse Big Game

The province stands as a testament to Africa’s incredible biodiversity, hosting a staggering array of wildlife. From the incredible Big 5 to an assortment of plains game, the province’s ecosystems teem with life. Elephant, Lion, Leopard, Rhinoceros, and Cape buffalo are among the iconic species that roam the landscapes. Beyond these headline species, it is a haven for an extensive variety of mammals, reptiles, and insects, creating a thriving and interconnected ecosystem that captivates visitors and sportsmen alike. 

Hunting Hyaena in Limpopo - Spotted Hyaena.

South African Trophy Hunting Packages

First Time African Bundle

Price $ 4 350 for 2 X 1 & 1 X 1 $ 5 050
Prices are per package /person

7 Days

3 Game animals

Animals: – Blesbok, Impala & Warthog

Classic Package

Price $ 5 550 for 2 X 1 & 1 X 1 $ 6 250
Prices are per package /person

7 Days 

4 Game Species.

Animals: – Blue Wildebeest, Blesbok, Impala & Warthog

Bronze Package

Price $ 6 300 for 2 X 1 & 1 X 1 $ 7 000
Prices are per package /person

7 Days 

4 Game Species.

Animals: – Wildebeest, Zebra, Impala & Warthog

Silver Package Bundle

Price $ 7 800 for 2 X 1 & 1 X 1 $ 8 500
Prices are per package /person

7 Days 

5 Game Species.

Animals: – Wildebeest, Nyala, Blesbok, Impala & Warthog

Gold Package Bundle

Price $ 10 350 for 2 X 1 & 1 X 1 $ 11 000
Prices are per package /person

7 Days 

5 Game Species.

Animals: – Kudu, Nyala, Gemsbuck, Impala & Warthog

Spiral Horn Grand Slam

Price $ 13 500 for 2 X 1 & 1 X 1 $ 14 500
Prices are per package /person

10 Days 

4 Spiral Horn Species.

Animals: – Kudu, Nyala, Eland & Bushbuck

Dangerous Game Safaris

Cape Buffalo: Starting at $9,500.

Choose a Cape buffalo bull based on size.

Cape Buffalo Package

Price $ 13 350 for 2 X 1 or 1 X 1 $ 14 000
Prices are per package /person

7 Days 

1 Cape Buffalo 37 – 40 Inches

Cape Buffalo & Sable Package

Price $ 18 550 for 2 X 1 & 1 X 1 $ 19 250
Prices are per package /person

7 Days 

2 Game Species

Cape Buffalo & Sable of 37 – 40 inches

African Lion Packages

Starting from $ 8,500

Select an African lion based on category

Observers at $250 per day

7 days with road transportation included

The Big 5 and Other Dangerous Game Hunting Safaris

Limpopo’s reputation as a premier destination is largely attributed to the presence of the Big 5—Elephant, Lion, Leopard, Rhinoceros, and Cape buffalo. These magnificent animals contribute to the allure of the province. Hunters seeking the ultimate challenge are drawn to tracking and harvesting these iconic species, embodying the essence of African safari adventures. In addition to the best Big 5, it offers opportunities to pursue other dangerous game, such as Crocodile, Hippo and spotted Hyaena and other nocturnal species, adding to the diversity and excitement of any hunting experience. 

Hunting Dangerous Game in Limpopo - Cape Buffalo Bull.
Hunting Plains Game in Limpopo - Big Blue Wildebeest trophy.

Plains Game Hunting Species

The plains game population is equally remarkable, showcasing a broad spectrum of species. Antelope species like Impala, Kudu, Roan, Tsessebe, Nyala, and Sable Antelope thrive in the region’s varied habitats. The abundance of plains game provides ample opportunities for hunters to pursue a variety of trophy animals. The careful management of these populations ensures sustainable hunting that contributes to the conservation of the wildlife and the well-being of the ecosystem. 

Wing Shooting – South Africa Hunting Birds

Limpopo Province isn’t just a haven for terrestrial wildlife; its skies are filled with a diverse array of bird species, making it an enticing destination for wing shooting enthusiasts. From the strikingly colored lilac-breasted roller to the formidable martial eagle, Limpopo offers a unique blend of avian biodiversity. Wing shooters can enjoy the challenge of pursuing species like Guinea fowl, Francolin, Sandgrouse, Pigeons and waterfowl against the backdrop of picturesque landscapes. The province’s commitment to sustainable hunting extends to wing shooting, ensuring a harmonious balance between the thrill of the hunt and the conservation of its avian diversity.

Wing Shooting in Limpopo - Guinea Fowl.

A Bushveld Hunting Area

Bushveld hunting, a quintessential experience offered in this province, stands as the epitome of the safari adventure. Whether pursuing game with a bow, traditional bow, rifle, black powder, or handgun, this area provides a diverse and challenging terrain that captivates hunters of all preferences. The thick and expansive bushveld of the province demands heightened skills, patience, and adaptability, offering a thrilling blend of stealth and strategy. This unique environment caters to the preferences of every enthusiast, making it an ideal setting for those seeking a traditional experience. Bushveld hunting with Black Horn Safaris ensures an immersive and rewarding trip, where the pursuit of trophies harmonizes with the untamed beauty of the landscape. 

Bow Hunting

In Limpopo Bow hunting presents a unique set of challenges and advantages, making for a distinctive and rewarding trip. The primary challenge lies in the need for archers to get closer to their quarry, requiring heightened stealth, patience, and a deep understanding of the targeted species’ behavior. The dense bushveld and varied terrains demand a higher level of skill and adaptability from bow hunters.

Despite the challenges, bow hunting comes with notable advantages and rewards. The silence of the bow allows for a more discreet approach, minimizing disturbance to the surrounding wildlife. The close-range nature of archery intensifies the thrill, as archers must rely on their ability to outsmart and outmaneuver their prey. Many land owners have converted their properties and cater exclusively to this form of hunting. 

In terms of equipment, selecting the right bow or crossbow, arrows, and broad heads is crucial. The choice between compound and traditional bows depends on the hunter’s preference and proficiency. Ethical shot placement is emphasized, ensuring a swift and humane kill. 

Local outfitters and guides play a crucial role in assisting bow hunters, providing insights into the behavior of local game species and offering valuable tips for a successful hunt. 

Limpopo Hunting with a Rifle 

The Province stands as a haven for rifle hunters, offering diverse opportunities to pursue a wide range of game species. The abundance of game allows rifle hunters to pursue a variety of species, from the iconic Big 5 to plains game such as Waterbuck, Kudu, and Eland. Experienced professional hunters and guides, often employed by reputable outfitters, play a crucial role in ensuring that all comply with regulations and ethical standards. Rifle hunting provides enthusiasts with a thrilling and immersive experience, blending the challenge of the hunt with a deep appreciation for the region’s natural beauty. 

Popular Rifle Hunting Locations within the Province

Limpopo’s expansive landscapes offer a plethora of popular locations, each with its unique charm and game species. The Waterberg Mountains, characterized by rocky outcrops and dense vegetation, provide a challenging terrain for sportsmen pursuing Tsessebe, Roan Antelope, Nyala, and Limpopo Bushbuck. The vast savannahs of the Lowveld region offer opportunities for hunting plains game species like Impala and Gemsbok as well as big 5. 

The Greater Kruger National Park, while primarily a wildlife conservation area, also features private game reserves like Klaserie, Timbavati, and Umbabat that permit rifle hunting. These reserves provide a premium experience, allowing hunters to track and harvest game in a setting that closely mirrors the untamed wilderness. The selection of locations within Limpopo caters to a variety of preferences, whether one seeks the thrill of pursuing dangerous game or the challenge of stalking antelope in diverse landscapes. 

Planning Your Safari – Hunting Outfitter

Black Horn Safaris stands out as the premier choice for hunters seeking an unparalleled experience in Limpopo Province. Renowned for our commitment to ethical practices, we offer a blend of expertise, professionalism, and a deep understanding of the region’s diverse landscapes. With a focus on both rifle and bow hunting, Black Horn provides enthusiasts with a unique opportunity to engage with South Africa’s iconic wildlife, including the Big 5 and a variety of common game. From seasoned pros to those embarking on their first trip, Black Horn Safaris caters to a wide range of preferences, promising a journey marked by adventure, cultural immersion, and the thrill of the chase. 

Hunting Lodges and Camps

 Our hunting lodges and camps in Limpopo exemplify the epitome of comfort and immersion in the heart of South Africa’s untamed beauty. Operating from multiple camps, we offer a diverse range of accommodations that cater to the preferences of every visitor. Whether nestled in luxury lodges or embracing the rustic charm of tented camps, each camp provides a unique atmosphere complemented by well-appointed lodgings, delicious cuisine, and amenities that enhance the overall experience. These camps serve not only as bases for trophy hunting but also as hubs for camaraderie, where hunters can share stories and experiences. Meticulously designed to blend with the natural surroundings, our lodges and camps ensure a seamless integration of the safari adventure with the comfort and tranquility of the landscapes. 

In conclusion, Limpopo emerges as an unparalleled destination for sportsmen seeking an authentic and thrilling experience that is not too far from Johannesburg. From its diverse landscapes and rich history to the abundance of iconic wildlife, Limpopo encapsulates the essence of African adventure. The province’s appeal lies not only in the pursuit of trophies but also in the immersive connection with nature, the vibrant local culture, and the unique challenges presented by its varied terrains. The province beckons visitors to explore its untamed beauty, promising unforgettable moments and encounters with Africa’s abundant wildlife. The call to visit is an invitation to embark on a journey that transcends the ordinary, offering an African hunting safari experience that resonates with the soul and leaves a lasting impression. 

FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the best area to Hunt within South Africa?

The Limpopo is widely regarded as one of the best areas for hunting within South Africa, offering diverse landscapes and a rich variety of game species. 

Which Province has the most game species and Best Hunting opportunities in South Africa?

Limpopo boasts the most game species and is considered the premier destination for hunting trips in South Africa, providing an exceptional range of both antelope and iconic Big 5 species. 

What is the best time of year for a hunting Safari in South Africa?

The optimal time for a safari in South Africa is during the dry winter months, from May to October. This period provides better visibility, comfortable temperatures, and is well-suited for both rifle and archery hunting.

Adrian Anderson has been a Licensed Professional Hunter and Hunting Outfitter for 32 years

Adrian Anderson first obtained his Professional Hunters license in 1991. He is a Big Five and Dangerous Game licensed Professional Hunter and Hunting Outfitter. He has a tremendous love for wildlife and the African bush and enjoys sharing his knowledge with the hunting clients that he guides. Guiding hunters in Africa’s wild places is a passion and seeing them succeed with their goals brings satisfaction. With knowledge of the Safari industry built up over 32 years he is well qualified to give guidance to his hunting clients.