Bow hunt Red Hartebeest in South Africa - hunter and trophy Hartebeest

Are you an avid bow hunter looking for an exciting and challenging adventure? Look no further than South Africa for an unforgettable bow hunting experience. With its diverse landscapes and abundant wildlife, it offers the perfect setting for bow enthusiasts to pursue the unique Red Hartebeest. In this article, we will delve into the details of a bow hunt in South Africa, including the best hunting areas, hunting regulations, tips for a successful hunt, and the unique characteristics of this remarkable species.

The Red Hartebeest: A Fascinating Trophy

The Red Hartebeest (Alcelaphus buselaphus caama), also known as the “Rooi Hartebeest” in Afrikaans, is a large antelope species that is highly sought after by sportsmen. With its reddish-brown coat, elongated face, and impressive curved horns, this animal is not only a challenging target but also a prized trophy. Native to Southern Africa and Botswana, this species inhabits grasslands, bushveld, and open plains, making it an ideal species for bow hunters. Both sexes carry these very unique horns that resemble the handle bars on a Harley Davidson motorcycle. These strange looking animals are territorial and gregarious, they have a strong herd instinct. Herds of up to 20 animals are common in this plains game species, harem herds consist of a territorial male as the leader. The bull will defend their turf from any solitary males who may get too close.

Best Areas in South Africa for Hunting the Red Hartebeest

South Africa boasts a multitude of exceptional areas where bow hunters can pursue Red Hartebeest. Here are some of the top destinations renowned for their Hartebeest populations:

Limpopo Province:

Located in the northern part of South Africa, Limpopo Province offers vast hunting concessions with thriving Red Hartebeest populations. The region’s diverse terrain and open bush provide archers with ample opportunities to spot and stalk these elusive antelopes.

Free State Province:

Situated in the heart of the country, the Free State Province is known for its wide-open spaces and abundant wildlife. This province is home to several private game reserves and hunting lodges that offer exclusive bow hunting experiences for Red Hartebeest.

Eastern Cape Province:

If you prefer a more rugged and challenging hunting environment, the Eastern Cape Province is the place to be. With its rocky hills, deep valleys, and sparse vegetation, this region offers an exciting bow hunting safaris for those seeking a true test of their skills.

Red Hartebeest Hunting Prices

The price to bow hunt a Red Hartebeest is $ 1 700 and a 7 day trophy hunting package including a Red Hartebeest trophy will cost $ 4 150. You might also consider adding a Kudu on your hunting trip.

Hunting Regulations and Permits

Before embarking on your trophy Red Hartebeest bow hunting expedition, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the hunting regulations and obtain the necessary permits. Here are some key points to consider:

Hunting Permit:

To hunt Red Hartebeest legally, you will need to book with a good hunting outfitter. The company will obtain your licenses directly from the provincial conservation department.

South African Bowhunting Regulations: 

Bowhunting regulations may vary between provinces, so it is crucial to familiarize yourself with the specific regulations of your chosen area. Generally, a compound or crossbow with a minimum draw weight of 55 pounds is required for medium game in South Africa.

Tips for a Successful Red Hartebeest Hunt

To increase your chances of a successful bow hunt for Red Hartebeest, consider the following tips:

Scouting: Before your hunt, your guide would have spent time scouting the area to familiarize himself with the movement patterns of Red Hartebeest. This will enable you to strategically plan your hunt and identify potential ambush spots.


Make sure you have the right equipment.

Camouflage and Scent Control:

Red Hartebeest have excellent eyesight and a strong sense of smell. It is crucial to wear appropriate camouflage clothing and practice scent control techniques to avoid detection.

Shot Placement when you Bow Hunt

Good shot placement is important, a well-placed shot is essential to ensure a humane kill. For the broadside shot on Red Hartebeest come directly up the front leg, one third of the way from the bottom of the brisket to the top of the back, place the shot right behind the shoulder, this will result in a good lung shot. For the quartering away shot on Red Hartebeest come a third of the way up from the bottom in line with the front leg on the opposite side.  

Patience and Persistence:

Bowhunting requires patience and persistence. Stay focused, observe your surroundings, and be prepared to patiently wait for the right opportunity to take the shot.

The Thrill of a African Safari

Bow hunting Red Hartebeest in South Africa offers an unparalleled thrill and a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the vibrant wilderness of this beautiful country. As you navigate the vast landscapes, test your skills, and overcome challenges, you will undoubtedly create memories that will last a lifetime. So, gear up, practice your shooting, and embark on an extraordinary African hunting safari!

FAQ’s Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time of year for bow hunting Red Hartebeest in Southern Africa?

The optimal time for bow hunting Red Hartebeest in Southern Africa is during the dry winter months, from May to August. During this period, vegetation is sparse, and water sources are limited, making it easier to spot and approach these antelopes.

What are the recommended bow specifications for hunting Red Hartebeest?

For hunting Red Hartebeest with a bow , it’s advisable to use a compound bow with a draw weight of at least 60 pounds. This provides the necessary kinetic energy for an ethical and effective shot. Choosing arrows with broad heads designed for big game will help ensure a humane harvest.

Are there any specific hunting regulations and permits required for bow hunting Red Hartebeest in Africa?

Yes, there are regulations governing bow hunting in Africa, and these can vary by province and hunting area. It’s crucial to consult with a reputable hunting outfitter or local wildlife authorities to ensure you are in compliance with all relevant regulations before embarking on a bow hunting safari for Red Hartebeest.

Adrian Anderson has been a Licensed Professional Hunter and Hunting Outfitter for 32 years

Adrian Anderson first obtained his Professional Hunters license in 1991. He is a Big Five and Dangerous Game licensed Professional Hunter and Hunting Outfitter. He has a tremendous love for wildlife and the African bush and enjoys sharing his knowledge with the hunting clients that he guides. Guiding hunters in Africa’s wild places is a passion and seeing them succeed with their goals brings satisfaction. With knowledge of the Safari industry built up over 32 years he is well qualified to give guidance to his hunting clients.