Price to bow hunt Impala in South Africa - Bow hunter with Impala trophy

Impala Bow hunting  in South Africa is an exciting and challenging adventure that many archery enthusiasts dream of experiencing, and is more popular than rifle hunting. As one of the most popular game species in the region, Impala offer a thrilling opportunity for both seasoned hunters and novices alike. In this article, we will explore the price for a bow hunt in South Africa to harvest Impala and provide valuable information for those interested in embarking on this unique hunting safari.

Overview of Impala Bow Hunting

Impala, scientifically known as Aepyceros melampus, are medium-sized antelopes native to southern Africa. Known for their remarkable agility and impressive leaping ability, they offer a thrilling and challenging hunt for bow hunters. These beautiful herd animals are known to be fleet-footed and have keen senses, making them a worthy adversary in the bushveld. You can hunt mature males year round.

What is the price in South Africa for an Impala Bow Hunt?

 The price in South Africa to bow hunt Impala or the trophy fee is: $ 600.

This is the fee for the animal. To this you still need to add the day fees for the hunt.

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South African Day Fees for A Trophy Impala Hunt

If you hunt 2 X 1 in other words you share the hunt and opportunities with a friend – wife – son the price is $ 350 per day for each hunter.

If you hunt 1 X 1 in other words you have the services of a guide to yourself and do not share the animals and opportunities with anyone else the price is $ 450 per day.

2 X 1 @ $ 350 per person per day or 1 X 1 @ 450 per person per day.

So the final inclusive price for the hunting trip will be number of days x the day fee plus the animal fee.

7 days X $ 350 = $ 2 450 + Trophy fee $ 650 for a Total Cost of $ 3 050 or all-inclusive price

What is included in the day fees?

Daily Rate Includes

  • Guide Fees for an African hunt
  • Licenses
  • Meals
  • Accommodation
  • Soft drinks
  • limited Beer and Wine
  • Field preparation of your animals by a skinner
  • Road transportation from Johannesburg International Airport

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What is not included in the day fee?

Daily Rate Excludes

  • Airfare or flight
  • Taxidermy – taxidermist charges
  • Gratuities
  • Items of a personal nature
  • VAT on day fees at 15%
  • Safari Insurance
  • CITIES Permits
  • Rifle hire

What is the cost of a bow hunting Package that include an Impala?

The price of a bow hunting Package that includes an Impala is: $ 3 050

This hunt package includes 7 hunting days, plains game hunt Trophy Animal – Impala ram. It also includes Accommodation, meals and soft drinks, the services of a professional hunting guide, the skinning and field preparation of your trophies and road transportation to and from Johannesburg International airport.

Please note: This price is for hunting 2 X 1. If hunting 1 X 1 the cost is $ 3 750.

To embark on an unforgettable South African bowhunting experience, it’s crucial to select the right package. Several factors influence the cost, including the duration of the hunt, the number of animals included, and the quality of accommodations. Generally, packages range from basic options to luxurious experiences, catering to different preferences and budgets.

The best Impala hunting is in the Limpopo and Eastern Cape where these animals are abundant. Consider a South African Safari hunt that includes the Roan, Warthog, Eland, Kudu, Nyala, Sable Antelope and Bushbuck, you might also think about including a Cape Buffalo. You will have the choice of spot and stalk or still hunting from a blind.

Why Impala?

Impala Bow hunting  is not only an exhilarating experience but also a way to contribute to wildlife conservation. In South Africa, hunting is tightly regulated and strictly controlled, with a portion of the fees going towards conservation efforts. By participating in a legal and ethical hunting safari, you can actively contribute to the preservation of wildlife and their habitats.

Best Areas

South Africa offers numerous game reserves and hunting concessions that cater to bow hunters looking for an exceptional hunting experience. Some of the popular destinations for Impala include the Limpopo Province, the Eastern Cape, and the North West Province. These areas boast a healthy population and provide a diverse and stunning backdrop for your adventure. 

Understanding the Cost of a Safari Hunt

When it comes to archery hunting in Southern Africa for Impala, the cost can vary depending on several factors. It is vital to have a clear understanding of what the price includes and any additional expenses you may encounter during your trip. Here are some essential aspects to consider when determining the price:

Package Hunts

Most hunting outfitters offer different packages tailored to meet the needs and preferences of individual hunters. These packages typically include accommodation, meals, professional hunters, trackers, field preparation of trophies, and transportation within the hunting area. The price of the package can vary depending on the duration of the hunt, the amenities provided, and the reputation of the company.

Plains Game Trophy Fees

Trophy fees are Included in the package. These fees are charged per animal and can vary depending on the animal’s species, size, and the hunting area. Impala fees are generally more affordable compared to other antelope species, making it an excellent choice for hunters on a budget.

Additional Costs of a Bow Hunting Safari

It is essential to factor in additional costs that may arise during your hunting trip. These costs may include travel expenses, such as flights and transportation to and from the hunting area, as well as the cost of any required permits and licenses. Additionally, hunters may choose to tip their guides and trackers, so it’s crucial to allocate some funds for gratuities.

Price Range for Impala Bow Hunting

The price range for Impala bow hunting in South Africa can vary depending on the factors mentioned above. On average, a hunting package for these animals can range from $3,000 to $6,000 per hunter. This price typically includes a 5 to 7-day hunt with the opportunity to harvest one or two animals.

It’s important to note that the price can fluctuate depending on the quality and reputation of the company, the amenities provided, and the location of the hunting area. High-end luxury lodges may charge higher prices, while more budget-friendly options can offer an equally rewarding experience at a lower cost.

Booking and Payment Terms

Each hunting outfitter will have different booking and payment terms. It’s important to clarify these terms before making any reservations. Some companies may require a deposit to secure your booking, while others may have specific payment deadlines. It’s also crucial to inquire about their cancellation and refund policies in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

Final Thoughts

Bow hunting in South Africa is an unforgettable experience that combines the thrill of the hunt with the beauty of the African wilderness. By understanding the price range and factors that contribute to the overall cost, you can plan and budget for your dream African hunting safari. Remember to choose a reputable outfitter, follow ethical practices, and immerse yourself in the rich culture and biodiversity that South Africa has to offer. Happy hunting!05

FAQ’s Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I Harvest Impala?

Impalas are primarily found in sub-Saharan Africa, and they inhabit a wide range of environments, including bushveld, grasslands, and woodlands. Countries such as South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, and Tanzania are popular destinations. Be sure to research local regulations and obtain the necessary permits before planning your trip.

What is the best time of year to hunt plains game animals?

The ideal time to pursue Impala can vary depending on the region, but generally, the dry season, which typically falls between May and October, is considered the best time to hunt. During this period, vegetation is thinner, making it easier to spot animals, and they are more predictable in their movements as they gather around water sources.

What type of hunting methods are commonly used?

Hunting can be done using various methods, including stalking and ambushing. Spot-and-stalk method is a popular technique where hunters spot animals from a distance and then approach stealthily to get within shooting range. Another common method is sitting in a blind or a hide near a well-traveled game trail or water source. Bowhunting and rifle are both options, but the choice of weapon will depend on your personal preference and skill level.

Are there any restrictions or regulations for Impala hunting?

Yes, there are specific regulations and restrictions that apply to Impala, and these can vary from one country or region to another. It’s crucial to do thorough research and consult with local wildlife authorities or outfitters to understand the specific rules and requirements for your chosen destination. These regulations may include specific seasons, bag limits, permit fees, and firearm restrictions, among other factors, so it’s essential to be well-informed and compliant with the local laws and regulations.

Adrian Anderson has been a Licensed Professional Hunter and Hunting Outfitter for 32 years

Adrian Anderson first obtained his Professional Hunters license in 1991. He is a Big Five and Dangerous Game licensed Professional Hunter and Hunting Outfitter. He has a tremendous love for wildlife and the African bush and enjoys sharing his knowledge with the hunting clients that he guides. Guiding hunters in Africa’s wild places is a passion and seeing them succeed with their goals brings satisfaction. With knowledge of the Safari industry built up over 32 years he is well qualified to give guidance to his hunting clients.