Bow hunt Springbok in South Africa - a good Springbuck ram.

Africa is a continent known for its diverse wildlife and breathtaking landscapes. For avid bow hunters seeking thrilling adventures, a bow hunt in South Africa offers a unique and exhilarating experience. Among the many game species found in this magnificent country, the Springbuck stands out as a prized trophy for bow enthusiasts. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about a Springbuck safari, from the best hunting locations to essential tips for a successful hunt.

The Springbuck: A Fascinating Game Species

Before delving into the details of hunting Springbuck, it is important to understand the characteristics and behavior of this remarkable game species. The Springbuck, or Antidorcas marsupialis, (the national animal of South Africa) is a medium-sized antelope renowned for its exceptional agility and striking appearance. With its distinct reddish-brown coat, white underbelly, and a prominent dark stripe running across its side, the Springbuck is not only a challenging target for archery hunters but also a visually captivating animal. There are four different color variations namely Common Springbok, Black Springbok, White Springbok and Copper Springbok which you are able to hunt in a single package called a Springbok Slam.

Springbuck are known for their extraordinary leaping ability, which allows them to clear vast distances in a single bound. Their impressive speed and agility make them an exciting quarry for bow hunters seeking a thrilling chase. Their habitat ranges from open grasslands to semi-desert areas, making South Africa an ideal destination for plains game hunting and these magnificent creatures.

Prime Hunting Areas in South Africa

The country boasts an array of prime trophy hunting locations that offer optimal conditions for hunting Springbuck. Here are some of the top destinations to consider when planning your hunting trip:

Eastern Cape: 

This region is renowned for its diverse wildlife and picturesque landscapes. With its rolling hills and abundant vegetation, the area provides an exceptional experience for outdoor enthusiasts. The vast open landscapes of the Eastern Cape of South Africa provide an ideal habitat for these agile and graceful animals. With their distinctive jumping or pronking behavior, springbuck offer a challenging and rewarding pursuit. Those partaking in a safari can expect to engage in spot and stalk techniques, often testing their marksmanship and fieldcraft skills. The Cape’s diverse terrain, from rolling hills to open plains, adds an exciting dimension to the adventure. Moreover, the region’s rich biodiversity and stunning scenery make Springbuck hunting in the Eastern Cape a truly unique and unforgettable experience for those from around the world who appreciate the beauty of nature.

Northern Cape: 

Characterized by vast plains and rugged terrain, the Northern Cape provides an ideal habitat for Springbuck. Hunting concessions in the area offer hunting packages tailored specifically for Springbuck hunting. In this part of the country, the Springbuck roams the expansive and rugged terrain, defining the region’s wildlife character. This agile and striking species are emblematic of the Northern Cape’s diverse fauna. The vast open spaces, arid landscapes, and unique flora of this region create the perfect habitat for Springbuck. Observing them in their natural environment is a captivating experience for safari goers. The areas conservation efforts have played a crucial role in preserving this iconic species, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking to connect with the untamed beauty of the African wilderness.

Free State: 

Known for its open grasslands and vast farmlands, the Free State offers a unique hunting experience. A number of nature reserves and private properties provide excellent opportunities for archery enthusiasts to test their skills against Springbuck. In the province Springbuck are a common sight, symbolizing the province’s abundant wildlife and natural beauty. These elegant animals thrive in the vast grasslands and rolling plains. Their distinctive jumping displays and graceful presence make them a interesting part of the province’s fauna. The Free State’s commitment to wildlife conservation ensures the continued well-being of this iconic species, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking a taste of Africa’s unspoiled wilderness.

North West: 

With its diverse landscapes ranging from savannahs to bushveld, the North West province is home to a variety of African game on the numerous game farms and reserves. Properties in this province offer good hunting opportunities for Springbuck enthusiasts. In the North West Province, the Springbuck herd graces the picturesque landscapes, adding to the province’s rich natural heritage. These graceful antelopes are a testament to the region’s diverse wildlife. The Province’s combination of grassy plains, rolling hills, and abundant vegetation provides an ideal home for Springbuck. Spotting these agile creatures in their native habitat is a rewarding experience for archers. The province’s commitment to conservation efforts ensures the preservation of this iconic species, making it a captivating destination for anyone seeking a glimpse of Africa’s beauty.

Cost to Hunt Springbuck

The price to bow hunt Springbok is $ 650 and a 7 day hunting package will cost $ 3 100. 

Essential Tips for a Successful Springbok Hunt

Now that we have discussed the prime hunting locations, let’s delve into some essential tips to maximize your chances of a successful Springbuck hunt:

Bow Hunting in South Africa – Booking Your hunting Safari

Choose a good hunting outfitter to book your Africa hunt with, the best of these will have great concessions with abundant game and a good hunting lodge or camp. The better companies employ excellent staff and cooks in their camps so that you will have the best hunting safari experience while you are in Africa. These outfitters also employ good Professional Hunters who will guide you on the hunt, pointing out the better trophy animals (both males and females carry horns) and best hunting areas. You will also have the opportunity to take other plains game species such as Kudu, Black Wildebeest, Blesbok, Gemsbok and Impala while Springbok hunting, many of these animals are found together on the open plains.

Bow setup:

Modern compound bows or high-performance recurve bows, with a draw weight of 50 to 70 pounds, are typically favored for their ability to generate sufficient energy and speed to penetrate the Springbuck’s vital organs effectively. If you are a crossbow hunter one of the modern high speed crossbows is a great choice and will make it a little easier to shoot out to slightly further distances.

Choose a light but durable arrow made from carbon fiber, your final arrow weight should be around 380 to 450 grains. For broad heads the open on contact mechanical type work very well on this species. 

Try to achieve a faster arrow speed to flatten out the trajectory and make it easier to shoot at longer distances. The average shooting distance will be between 25 and 45 yards. Make sure you have the right equipment.


Prior to your hunt, spend time scouting the area to familiarize yourself with the terrain, Springboks behavior, and potential ambush locations. This will greatly enhance your chances of a successful hunt.

Stealth and Concealment: 

Springbuck have exceptional eyesight and are easily spooked. Use natural cover, such as shrubs and trees, to conceal your movements and approach your target undetected.

Hunting from a Blind:

One of the most successful methods of hunting Springbuck is by setting up in bow blinds near watering points or feed. A good blind will keep you concealed and allow the animals to come within effective bow range. By shooting from a blind you have a more controlled environment and can wait until you have a perfect shot opportunity before releasing an arrow.

Shot Placement on a Trophy: 

Proper shot placement is crucial when hunting Springbuck with a bow. Aim for the vitals, directly behind the shoulder, which include the heart and lungs, to ensure a clean and ethical kill. Practice shooting from various distances to hone your accuracy.

Patience and Persistence: 

Hunting Springbuck requires patience and persistence. These elusive animals are constantly on the move, so be prepared for long hours of waiting and stalking. Remain focused and vigilant, as opportunities can arise at any moment.

Shot Distance: 

Springbuck are known for their exceptional speed and agility. It is advisable to practice shooting at various distances, as shots might need to be taken at anywhere from 25 to 45 yards. Ensure you are comfortable and confident shooting from these ranges before embarking on your hunt.


Bowhunting Springbuck in South Africa is an extraordinary adventure that combines the thrill of the chase with the beauty of the African landscape. With their remarkable leaping ability and striking appearance, Springbuck offer an exciting African hunting Safari. By choosing the right hunting locations, mastering essential techniques, and exercising patience, you can enhance your chances of a successful hunt. So, gear up, embrace the spirit of adventure, and embark on a memorable hunting in Africa experience in the captivating wilderness .

FAQ’s Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Springbuck?

The Springbuck is a medium-sized antelope known for its agility and striking appearance. It has a reddish-brown coat, white underbelly, and a prominent dark stripe running across its side.

Why is Springbuck a popular game species for bow hunters?

Springbuck is a popular game species for bow hunters because of its exceptional leaping ability, impressive speed, and agility, which makes it a thrilling quarry to chase.

What are some prime locations for bow hunting Springbuck?

Some prime hunting locations Springbuck include the Eastern Cape, Northern Cape, and Free State. These regions offer diverse wildlife, picturesque landscapes, and tailored hunting packages.

Are there any exclusive hunting opportunities for Springbuck enthusiasts in South Africa?

Yes, properties do offer exclusive hunting opportunities for Springbuck enthusiasts.

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