Frequently asked questions


1. How do I get my hunting firearms into South Africa

Please note that South Africa does not allow the importation of semi-automatic firearms.

  • You will require an outfitters invitation to hunt which Black Horn Safaris will send you  before your departure.
  • You can download a Temporary Firearm Import Application Form (SAP 520) under Documents. Upon your arrival at Johannesburg International Airport you will hand this together with the US 4457 to the customs official.
  • You will need a completed Motivation Letter. This can be downloaded under Documents.
  • We will need the following details from you:
  • A certified copy of your passport
  • A copy of your return air ticket.
  • A completed and stamped US 4457 document. This can be downloaded under Documents.

2. What are the passport and visa requirements to visit South Africa

  • When visiting South Africa a valid passport and entry visa are required.
  • Your passport needs to be valid for a minimum of six months from date of arrival.
  • You will need a minimum of three unused pages in your passport for entry and exit stamps as well as your visa.
  • On arrival in South Africa local customs will issue you a visa valid for three months. This is free of charge.

3. Insurance

We highly recommend that you take out insurance cover before your safari for both personal and personal effects including:

  • Trip cancellation
  • Medical and emergency evacuation
  • Loss of personal effects
  • Accidental death and disability

4. Medical and Inoculations

  • No special inoculations are required to visit South Africa.
  • We have frequently been asked about Yellow Fever inoculations, this is not required if visiting from the U.S.A. Yellow Fever inoculations may be required if visiting from certain areas in central and northern Africa.
  • Most of Black Horn Safaris concessions are not considered Malaria areas, and it is quite unlikely that you will see a mosquito during the winter months in South Africa.
  •  Please notify us of any pre-existing medial conditions that we should know about, when booking your hunt.
  • We recommend that you pack some Anti-diarrhea medication as well as sleeping tablets and headache medication along with a sufficient supply of any prescription medication you may require.

5. What Shooting practice do I need before my hunt

Your ability to make the shot, often under difficult circumstances, will be one of the biggest factors in how successful your African safari is. Shot opportunities at an absolute monster trophy animal may materialize quite quickly and may evaporate just as fast. You need to be able to place your shot precisely in the kill zone to secure your trophy.

5.1 Rifle Hunting
  • We recommend that you Zero your rifle at 100 m for all normal hunting.
  • Large caliber rifles used for big 5 hunting should be zero at 75 m.
  • Running up to your safari you should spend time shooting off shooting sticks, as well as from kneeling, sitting and standing positions.
  • Practice should be from both supported and unsupported shooting positions.
  • Ammunition is relatively cheap when compared to the cost of a safari, so get plenty of practice.
5.2 Bow Hunting
  • If you will be bow hunting we recommend that you use either an adjustable sight or a multi pin sight on your bow.
  • Pins should be sighted in 10 m increments from 20 – 60 m.
  • Practice shooting from different shooting positions.
  • Spend most of your time practicing from the longest range that you are comfortable shooting at. Though most of your shots will be taken at a range of 20-30 m this may allow you to make a longer shot on a monster trophy that you would not otherwise be able to make.
  • Running up to your safari practice at least every other day.

6. Can I Hunt Dangerous game such as Buffalo with my bow

  • Yes you can with certain minimum requirements.
  • You will need a bow that has a minimum 80 lbs draw weight.
  • Completed arrows should weigh a minimum 750 gr.
  • Broadheads should be a strongly constructed fixed bladed design with 2 cutting surfaces.

7. How much ammunition should I bring along

Most hunting in South Africa takes place far from main centers, ammunition is often not available in small towns. Also bear in mind that ammunition for your particular caliber rifle may not be available at all in South Africa.

  • You will need 60 rounds of ammunition for a 7 Day plains game hunt.
  • You will need 40 rounds of soft point and 20 rounds of solid point ammunition for a 7 day Big 5 hunt.

8. Will my Professional Hunter understand bow hunting

  • All of the professional Hunters at Black Horn Safaris have a good understanding of what is required to  make your bow hunting safari a resounding success.
  • Your PH will place you in a great position and advise you on when to take the shot so that you have the greatest probability of success.

9. When should I book my flight

  • Flights should be booked as soon as possible after your safari dates are confirmed and you have paid your deposit.
  • This will secure the cheapest possible air fare.
  • During the hunting season in South Africa flights are often fully booked and you may not be able to get a seat if you wait until just before you are due to depart.

10. Should I bring my cell phone

  • Absolutely
  • With International roaming you will be able to speak with you family and office if need be.

11. Should I inform my bank that I will be traveling to South Africa

  • You will need to inform your bank that you will be travelling in South Africa or you credit card transactions will be declined.