Price to bow hunt Springbok in South Africa - Trophy Springbuck

Are you an avid bow hunter looking for an unforgettable hunting experience? Look no further than the beautiful country of South Africa, home to diverse wildlife and breathtaking landscapes. One of the most sought-after game species for bow hunting enthusiasts is the Springbuck, known for its incredible speed and challenging nature. In this article, we will dive into the details of a bow hunt in South Africa for Springbuck, including the associated costs and what you can expect from this thrilling adventure.

The Springbok in South Africa

The Springbuck, scientifically known as Antidorcas marsupialis, is a medium-sized antelope species primarily found in southern Africa. Renowned for its remarkable agility and striking appearance, the Springbuck is a true gem for bow hunters looking for an exhilarating challenge. With their unique ability to achieve great speeds and perform impressive jumps, these graceful creatures provide an unforgettable hunting experience. Both sexes carry horns. These lyre-shaped horns will average around 12 inches except for in Namibia and the Kalahari where the herds average around 14 inches. Springbuck can be hunted year round and there are no seasonal restrictions.

What is the price in South Africa to Bow Hunt Springbok?

The price in South Africa to bow hunt Springbok or the trophy fee is: $ 650.

This is the fee for the animal. To this you still need to add the day fees for the safari.

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Springbok Slam

The Springbok Slam consists of springbok’s four-color phases, Common Springbok, Black Springbok, White Springbok and Copper Springbok all taken on one Africa hunt. The price to hunt this package is $ 8 100 for a 7 day hunting package. This plains game package gives you the opportunity to harvest all color phase variants in one Africa hunt package.

South African Daily Rates for a Hunting Safari 

If you hunt 2 X 1 in other words you share the safari and opportunities with a friend – wife – son the price is $ 350 per day for each hunter.

If you hunt 1 X 1 in other words you have the services of a guide to yourself and do not share the animals and opportunities with anyone else the price is $ 450 per day.

2 X 1 @ $ 350 per person per day or 1 X 1 @ 450 per person per day.

So the final inclusive price for the trip will be number of days x the day fee plus the animal fee.

7 days X $ 350 = $ 2 450 + Trophy fee $ 650 for a Total Cost of $ 3 100 all-inclusive.

What is included in the 2023 and 2024 day fees?

Daily Rate Includes

  • Professional guides Fees
  • Licenses
  • Meals
  • Accommodation
  • Soft drinks
  • limited Beer and Wine
  • Field preparation of your animals by a skinner
  • Road transportation from Johannesburg International Airport

For more information take a look at the bow hunting prices and price list.

What is not included in the day fee?

Day Rate Excludes

  • Airfare or flight
  • Taxidermist and taxidermy costs
  • Gratuities
  • Items of a personal nature
  • VAT on day fees at 15%
  • Safari Insurance
  • CITIES Permits
  • Rifle hire

What is the cost of Bow Hunting Package that includes a Springbok Trophy?

The price of a bow hunting Package that includes a Springbok is: $ 3 100

This hunt package includes 7 hunting days, 1 animal – Springbok. It also includes Accommodation, meals and soft drinks, the services of professional hunter, the skinning and field preparation of your trophies and road transportation to and from Johannesburg International airport.

Please note: This price is for hunting 2 X 1. If hunting 1 X 1 the cost is $ 3 800. Hunters should consider adding other trophy animals like Gemsbok and Mountain Reedbuck to this open plains hunt.

To embark on an unforgettable African bowhunting experience, it’s crucial to select the right package. Several factors influence the cost, including the duration of the safari, the number of animals included, and the quality of accommodations. Generally, packages range from basic options to luxurious experiences, catering to different preferences and budgets.

The best Springbok hunting is in the Limpopo province, Mpumalanga and Eastern Cape where these animals are abundant. Consider a South African hunt during the winter months that includes plains game hunting for antelope such as Eland, Blue Wildebeest, Kudu, Warthog and Impala, you might also think about including a dangerous game safari for Cape Buffalo. You will have the opportunity to hunt with either spot and stalk in open areas and near water in the late afternoon or hunt from a blind overlooking water, with both methods you will have plenty of hunting opportunities.

Springbok Hunting in South Africa

When planning your African hunting safari for Springbuck in South Africa, it is essential to select the perfect hunting destination. South Africa offers a wide array of game reserves and hunting concessions where you can pursue your passion. Each destination varies in terms of landscape, accommodation options, and hunting regulations. Whether you prefer the ruggedness of the African bushveld or the tranquility of scenic mountainous regions, South Africa has it all.

Cost Factors for a Springbok Hunt

Before embarking on your bow hunting expedition, it is crucial to understand the cost factors associated with hunting Springbuck in South Africa. Here are some key elements to consider:

Trophy Fees

Trophy fees are a significant component of the overall cost when trophy hunting Springbuck. These fees vary depending on the hunting destination and the quality of the Springbuck you aim to harvest. Typically, fees range from $650 to $1,500, and it is advisable to inquire about specific prices when booking your hunt.

Day Rates

The hunting outfitter charges day fees which cover various aspects of your hunting experience, including accommodation, meals, professional hunting guides, trackers, and field preparation of trophies. These rates can range from $350 to $500 per day, depending on the lodge or hunting concession you choose. It is essential to clarify what the day rates include to ensure you have a clear understanding of the services provided.

Travel and Transportation

When calculating the cost of your bow hunting adventure, don’t forget to consider travel expenses such as flights, airport transfers, and ground transportation. Depending on your location and the hunting destination, these costs can vary significantly. It is advisable to book your travel well in advance to secure the best deals and ensure a smooth journey.

Additional Expenses

In addition to the core costs mentioned above, you may encounter additional expenses such as rifle rental, ammunition, tips for guides and staff, taxidermy services, and shipping your trophies back home. While these costs can add up, they contribute to enhancing your overall hunting experience and preserving the memories you create.

Creating a Budget for an Africa Hunt

To fully enjoy your bow hunting trips without any financial burdens, it is essential to create a comprehensive budget. Consider the following steps to establish a realistic budget for your Springbuck hunting expedition:

1. Research and compare different hunting destinations in South Africa, taking into account their prices and the services they offer.
2. Determine the duration of your trip, including travel days, hunting days, and potential additional activities.
3. Calculate the estimated animal fees and day rates for the number of hunting days you plan to spend.
4. Allocate a specific amount for travel and transportation expenses, ensuring you consider both international and local travel costs.
5. Plan for additional expenses, such as rifle rental, ammunition, and taxidermy services, based on your preferences and requirements.
6. Set aside a contingency amount to cover any unexpected costs that may arise during your hunt.

By following these steps and conducting thorough research, you can create a well-rounded budget that allows you to have an extraordinary bow hunting experience while remaining within budget.


Bow hunting Springbuck in South Africa is an adventure that every hunting enthusiast should consider. With its vast landscapes, abundant wildlife, and impeccable hunting infrastructure, South Africa provides the ideal backdrop for an unforgettable hunting experience. By understanding the associated costs and carefully planning your budget, you can embark on this thrilling African hunting safari with confidence, knowing that you are well-prepared to make lasting memories in the heart of the African wilderness.

FAQ’s Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Springbuck?

The Springbuck is a medium-sized antelope species primarily found in southern Africa, known for its agility and striking appearance.

How do I choose the right hunting destination for Springbuck in South Africa?

When selecting a hunting destination, consider factors such as landscape, accommodation options, and hunting regulations. South Africa offers a variety of game reserves and hunting farms to choose from.

What are the cost factors to consider when hunting Springbuck in South Africa?

The cost factors include animal fees, which can range from $500 to $1,500, and day rates that cover accommodation, meals, guides, trackers, and field preparation of trophies, ranging from $250 to $500 per day.

What are trophy fees?

Animal fees are a significant component of the overall cost and vary depending on the hunting destination and the quality of the Springbuck you aim to harvest. It is advisable to inquire about specific prices when booking your hunt.

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