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Black Horn Safaris is a full service hunting outfitter with over 32 years of safari hunting experience.

We take care of all the requirements necessary for a successful hunt.
Professional Hunters – Trackers and Skinners – Licenses – Meals and Accommodation – Field Preparation of Trophies – Transportation to and from Johannesburg International Airport

Hunting Safari in South Africa with Blackhorn Safaris- Big Sable Antelope Bull
Hunting Safari - Big Kudu Bull
Safari Hunt in South Africa - Cape Buffalo Bull package hunt

African hunting safaris are the adventure of a lifetime for those seeking an adrenaline rush and a truly unique experience. The diverse landscapes of Southern Africa offer some of the best opportunities for plains game species, dangerous game and the African Big Five. We operate in the best destinations in the country as well as private concessions in Limpopo (the premier hunting destination), Mpumalanga and the Eastern Cape.

History and Tradition of Hunting in Africa

Hunting has played an integral part in South African culture and has a long history dating back to pre-colonial times. The San people, who were the earliest known inhabitants of this region, were skilled hunters who used bows and arrows to hunt game. Hunting was a fundamental way of life, and it provided food, medicinal benefits, and materials for making clothing. Over time, this tradition has evolved, trophy and family safaris have become prevalent.

Understanding African Hunting Safaris

A hunting safari is a unique type of African adventure that combines the thrill of the pursuit with the experience of observing wildlife in its natural habitat. During a hunt, visitors will have the opportunity to stalk and hunt big game like Cape Buffalo, and antelope species while also immersing themselves in the stunning natural bushveld surroundings.

In contrast to other types of trips in the country, like photographic excursions, hunting trips are more focused on the actual act of pursuit versus observing wildlife. Safaris require hunters to have evolved shooting techniques as well as the physical fitness to navigate Africa’s rugged terrain. A hunting adventure also differs from other types of safaris in their benefit to conservation. Hunting trips actively support wildlife conservation efforts by providing funding for habitat preservation and management programs.

With strict adherence to the ethics and regulations surrounding hunting in South Africa, we ensure the hunters safety and the sustainability of wildlife populations. Our ethics promote fair chase principles. The industry is highly regulated to ensure that everything is conducted ethically and sustainably for the environment and the animals involved.

Who We Are and What We Offer


For the ultimate African hunting experience we operate in a hunting area or hunting concessions that will offer the best opportunities and premier hunting available. We practice fair chase hunting and offer top quality hunting safaris for a variety of game including plains game, dangerous game hunting safaris and bird hunting including South Africa hunting packages.


A Never To Be Forgotten Experience.

Blackhorn Safaris prides itself on offering a unique African experience, with a focus on ethical practices and conservation. We offer hunts in a variety of habitats, including bushveld, mountainous terrain and Highveld grasslands, providing a unique African adventure for both novice hunters and seasoned sportsmen in South Africa. Non-hunting activities and photographic safari are also available for those who wish to experience the beauty of Africa’s wildlife without the aspect of pursuit.

Black Horn Safaris is a Premium Outfitter in South Africa. We offer fully guided trips including Plains Game Hunting, Big Five, Bow Hunting and Wing Shooting. Our expert guides and Professional Hunters are hardworking and will put you in the perfect position to succeed on your hunt. With first class facilities, top camps and lodges and great concessions Black Horn is able to offer the hunter an experience that will never be forgotten. The Black Horn team has scoured the country to find the best quality animals available in game rich areas. Our courteous staff will make every effort to make sure that you have the best Safari experience possible. At Black Horn we have endeavored to simplify the hunt booking process. By providing all of the elements necessary for a successful hunt so that you can relax and enjoy the experience without any of the stresses normally associated.

Our Simplified Black Horn Safaris Booking Process.

The process is simple. To get the ball rolling simply fill out the bookings inquiry form detailing the species you are most interested in as well as the preferred dates for your hunt. A member of the Black Horn Safaris team will be in touch to discuss all of the details of your visit with you. Once the dates and intricate details of your hunt have been worked out you will pay a deposit to secure your booking. Book your flight ticket over to South Africa and you are all set. When you arrive a member of the Black Horn team will meet you at the airport and transfer you to the concession area. Enjoy a few wonderful days on Safari, experiencing a new culture and all of the smells, sights and sounds of the African bush. After your hunt you will be transferred back to the airport for your trip home. To read more about what is involved in Safaris in South Africa.

Black Horn Safaris was born from the love for adventure, conservation and the outdoors. We have spent our entire lives pursuing our passion for big game on various Continents. Some big game hunts can be a solitary endeavor, while others can be more relaxed with lifelong friendships being made around the camp fire each evening. At Black Horn Safaris, achieving our own big game goals has created another passion………helping you achieve yours! “Arrive as a client – leave as a friend” is our motto, and we strive to achieve this with every hunt. It says a lot that most of our past clients have become lifelong friends.



Black Horn Safaris has simple and humble beginnings derived from friendships based on a common thread, HUNTING. The Black Horn team is spread out over half the globe away between South Africa and the United States. The local “boots on the ground” knowledge from our team in Africa is complimented nicely with the connections and network that the team from the United States provides.

Our recipe for success. By employing top quality Professional Hunters, Trackers and Skinner’s, operating in the best areas in South Africa we achieve Success. Our top quality lodges and hunting camps provide comfort and enjoyment. Our game rich  areas provide the opportunity to hunt excellent game animals. By making use of the best Taxidermists we ensure that after your hunt, your trophies are well taken care of and arrive back home in great shape.

Take the first steps to achieving your hunting goals and dreams. Contact us today.

Hunting Cape Buffalo - Hunter with Cape Buffalo Trophy
Hunt in South Africa - Bow hunter and Cape Kudu Trophy
Bow Hunting Safari - Hunter and trophy Nyala Bull
Bow hunt in South Africa - Bow Hunter and Trophy Sable Antelope

Hunting Lodge & Camps

Hunting Safari Camp
Hunting Camp - Room Outside
Safari Hunting Camp - Fire Pit
Safari Camp - Bedroom
Blackhorn Safaris Tent Camp Dining-Area
Tent Camp at night - outside
Safari in South Africa Tent camp inside
Hunting Camp Lounge area.

Hunting Packages

Classic Plains Game Package Hunt

$ 5 550

Suitable for Bow or Rifle

2 X 1 $ 5 550 – 1 X 1 $ 6 250

Prices are per hunter

  • 7 Days
  • 4 Game Species
  • Animals – Blue Wildebeest, Impala, Blesbuck, Warthog
  • The services of a Professional Guide
  • Skinning and field preparation of trophies
  • Road transportation from Johannesburg International Airport

Silver Plains Game Package Hunt

$ 7 800

Suitable for Bow or Rifle

2 X 1 $ 7 800 – 1 X 1 $ 8 500

Prices are per hunter

  • 7 Days
  • 5 Game Species
  • Animals – Blue Wildebeest, Nyala, Impala, Blesbok, Warthog
  • The services of a Professional Guide
  • Skinning and field preparation of trophies
  • Road transportation from Johannesburg International Airport

Cape Buffalo Package Hunt

$ 13 350

Suitable for Bow or Rifle

2 X 1 $ 13 350 – 1 X 1 $ 14 000

Prices are per hunter

  • 7 Days
  • 1 Cape Buffalo
  • Animal – Cape Buffalo 37 – 40 inches
  • The services of a Professional Guide
  • Skinning and field preparation of trophies
  • Road transportation from Johannesburg International Airport

African hunting safaris offer the opportunity to experience the thrill of the chase and the beauty of the bushveld while contributing to conservation efforts. With a rich history and tradition in the region, this country has become a prime destination. Hunters can choose between plains game and Big 5 hunts and take advantage of the different destinations, all with their unique wildlife and landscapes.

What Our Clients Say About a Hunt in South Africa with Black Horn Safaris

Always a great experience!

I have known and hunted with Adrian for in excess of 10 years. Always a great experience.
Ray Y

Quality of animals was fantastic!

Great food, Quantity and quality of animals was fantastic. Plentiful shot opportunities, great Ph’s and staff.
Coby B.
Satisfied hunting Client

A great Safari!

Had a good time, plenty animals and comfortable camps. A great Safari.
Jose A

Extremely knowledgeable!

Eddie is extremely knowledgeable about the African bush and always goes the extra mile.
Riverlee W
Hunting Client

Really Good Hunt!

Had a really good hunt. Good Food, well organized and excellent staff. I would recommend to all hunters.
Luis P.

Made friendships that will last a lifetime!

Excellent hunting, accommodation, staff and meals. Had an excellent hunt.
Haven J.

Great people!

Great hunting, Excellent accommodation and meals. Enjoyed watching a Leopard come to the waterhole where we were sitting. Happy to get the main animals I was after.
Cason G.

FAQ’s Frequently Asked Questions

Which South African Safari is the best?

The best South African safari is the bushveld hunt. The bushveld is a unique and diverse ecosystem, offering a wide range of game and a truly immersive African experience. It’s important to note that the quality of a trip can vary based on the outfitter, so it’s recommended to choose a reputable company for a premium experience.

 Where is the best hunting?

The best hunting in South Africa is located in the Limpopo province. This region is renowned for its diverse and abundant game animals and sizable concessions, making it a top choice for a hunting safari.

How much does it cost to go on a Safari?

A Safari will cost anywhere from $ 3 600 to $ 8 500 depending on the duration and the species you would like.

  • A Package including 7 days hunting and trophy fees for 1 X Blue Wildebeest, 1 X Zebra, 1 X Blesbok and 1 X Warthog will cost $ 6 300.00 if hunting 2 on 1.
  • A Package hunt including 7 days hunting and trophy fees for 1 X Blue Wildebeest, 1 X Nyala, 1 X Impala, 1 X Blesbok and 1 X Warthog will cost $ 7 800.00 if hunting 2 on 1.

Which months are best for a safari?

The best months for a safari in South Africa are from May to September. This period, which is the dry season, offers abundant wildlife sightings as animals congregate around water sources and become easier to locate.

How much does it cost to hunt buffalo in South Africa?

A Cape Buffalo costs $ 9 100.

If two hunters will be sharing a Professional hunter the cost will be $ 13 350 including 7 days.

If you would like to have all of the opportunities and the services of the guide to yourself the cost will be  $ 14 000.

Prices are per hunter per package. This hunt is suitable for Bow or Rifle.

1 Animal – Cape Buffalo 37-40 inches.

This package includes:

  • Accommodation, Meals and soft drinks
  • The services of a Professional Hunting Guide
  • Skinning and field preparation of trophies
  • Road transportation to and from Johannesburg International Airport