Bow Hunting Packages South Africa for the 2024 Safari Seasons

Bow hunting in South Africa offers an unparalleled experience for avid bow hunters. The abundance of game and diverse terrains provide limitless opportunities to plan an exhilarating bow hunting Safari. South Africa stands out as one of the most cost-effective destinations for international bow hunters. Nowhere else can you acquire such an impressive collection of animals as on a plains game hunt than in South Africa. Departing from South Africa without the trophies you want is an uncommon event. South Africa permits the use of various types of archery equipment, including crossbows, recurve bows and Compound bows while specific minimum draw weight requirements are enforced, this depends on the size and weight of the targeted animal.

Classic Safari Hunting Package

$ 5 550

2 X 1 $ 5 550 – 1 X 1 $ 6 250
Prices are per package / person

Bow Hunting

  • 7 Days Hunting
  • 4 Game Species
  • Animals – Wildebeest, Blesbok, Impala & Warthog
  • Accommodation and Meals

Bronze Hunting Package

$ 6 300

2 X 1 $ 6 300 – 1 X 1 $ 7 000
Prices are per package / person

Bow Hunting

  • 7 Days Hunting
  • 4 Plains Game Species
  • Animals – Wildebeest, Zebra, Impala & Warthog
  • Accommodation and Meals

Silver Package Hunt

$ 7 800

2 X 1 $ 7 800 – 1 X 1 $ 8 500
Prices are per package / person

Bow Hunting

  • 7 Days Hunting
  • 5 Game Species
  • Animals – Wildebeest, Nyala, Blesbok, Impala & Warthog
  • Accommodation and Meals

Gold Package Hunt

$ 10 350

2 X 1 $ 10 350 – 1 X 1 $ 11 000
Prices are per package /person

Bow Hunting

  • 7 Days Hunting
  • 5 Game Species
  • Animals – Kudu, Nyala, Gemsbuck, Impala & Warthog
  • Accommodation and Meals

Included in our African Plains Game Bow Hunts & Packages

  • – Accommodation, meals and drinks
  • – The Services of a Professional hunting Guide
  • – Daily rates and trophy fees
  • – Skinning/Field preparation of animals and delivery to the taxidermist
  • – Transportation to and from OR Tambo International Airport

Not Included in our African Plains Game Hunts & Packages

  • – Items of a personal nature
  • – Flights
  • – Gratuities to staff
  • – Taxidermy work, dipping packing and shipping of trophies
  • – Cites Permits
  • – VAT on accommodation
  • – Safari Insurance

Package Hunt Conditions

  • All animals included in package hunts are representative specimens.
  • In order for the prices to be valid for the 2024 season the booking needs to be finalized by December 1st 2023.

Make up Your Own South African Hunts From The Price List

  • Choose the number of days you would like your safari to be (Minimum 7 days).
  • Decide if you will be sharing the Professional hunting guide with a friend or will have all the opportunities to yourself.
  • 2 Hunters sharing @ 350 per person per day – 1 hunter with a PH @ $450 per person per day.
  • Pick the animals you would like to pursue from the price list.
  • Book your hunt.
Bow Hunting Packages & Price List - South Africa Bow Hunting Safari - Buffalo Bull

Cape Buffalo

$ 9 100

Bow hunting Blue Wildebeest in South Africa.

Blue Wildebeest

$ 1 350

Bow hunt Blesbuck.


$ 650

Bow hunt Bushbuck.


$ 1 650

Bow Hunting Packages & Price List - South Africa Bow Hunting Safari - Buffalo Bull


$ 950

Duiker bow hunting.


$ 700

Eland for the bow hunter.


$ 3 250

Bow hunt for Gemsbok.


$ 1 500

Bow Hunting Packages & Price List - South Africa Bow Hunting Safari - Buffalo Bull


$ 3 350

Bow hunting prices for Golden Wildebeest.

Golden Wildebeest

$ 3 150

Price to bow hunt impala.


$ 600

Bow hunting package with Kudu.


$ 3 350

Bow Hunting Packages & Price List - South Africa Bow Hunting Safari - Buffalo Bull


$ 2 200

Roan antelope on a bow hunt.

Roan Antelope

$ 7 200

Sable Antelope to bow hunt.

Sable Antelope

$ 5 000

Bow hunt Springbuck in South Africa.


$ 900

Bow Hunting Packages & Price List - South Africa Bow Hunting Safari - Buffalo Bull

Red Hartebeest

$ 1 700

Bow Draw weight for hunting Warthog


$ 650

Waterbuck on a bow hunt in Africa.


$ 2 700

Bow hunting package for Zebra.


$ 1 350

Day Fees For Plains Game Safari Hunt

1 X 1 (1 Hunter accompanied by 1 Guide)$ 450.00
2 X 1 (2 Hunters accompanied by 1 PH)$ 350.00
Observer/Non Hunting person$ 250.00
Pre Safari Nights (No Hunt)$ 200.00

Big 5 / Dangerous Game

1 X 1 (1 Hunter accompanied by 1 Guide)$ 550.00
2 X 1 (2 Hunters accompanied by 1 PH)$ 450.00
Observer/Non Hunting person$ 250.00
Pre Safari Nights (No Hunt)$ 200.00

Prices & Costs of a Bow Hunting Package in South Africa

When considering prices for a hunt in this diverse and captivating country, several factors come into play. The price can vary depending on various elements such as the duration of the hunt, the species being targeted, and the amenities provided. Generally, South African outfitters offer packages that include accommodation, meals, professional guides, and trophy fees. These packages can range from 5 days to a couple of weeks, allowing hunters to tailor their experience based on their preferences and budget. Additionally, transportation to and from the hunting area and any necessary permits are usually included in the overall price. It is essential to thoroughly research and communicate with reputable outfitters to ensure you have a clear understanding of the pricing structure before embarking on an archery hunting adventure in South Africa.

Who Should Opt for African Hunting Packages

African bow hunting packages are an excellent option for a variety of hunters, including first-timers and those seeking cost-saving opportunities. For beginners, these packages offer a unique opportunity to embark on an exciting hunting adventure while receiving professional guidance. The outfitters offering these packages will provide experienced Professional guide. In terms of cost-saving, these packages are designed to offer competitive pricing by bundling services together. By opting for a comprehensive package, hunters can benefit from economies of scale and potentially save money compared to booking individual components separately. This makes African hunting packages an attractive option for those looking to experience the thrill of bow hunting in Africa while keeping the price under control.

Additional Cost Implications and Considerations

When planning a safari hunting or archery hunting adventure in Africa, it’s essential to consider additional price implications beyond the packages themselves. One significant factor to account for is the cost of flights. Depending on your location and the destination in Africa, airfare can be a significant expense. Additionally, it’s important to factor in the price of accommodation before and after the safari, as you may need to spend a few nights in a hotel or lodge. Another consideration is taxidermy and shipping fees if you plan to have your animals mounted or shipped back home. This price can vary based on the size and number of trophies you wish to preserve. Clearing agent fees may also apply to handle the paperwork and logistics associated with transporting your mounts to your home country. It’s customary to show appreciation to the staff, guides, and trackers by giving gratuities, so budgeting for tips is an additional expense. Finally, if any species you plan to hunt require CITES permits, be sure to account for the associated costs and processing time.

African Plains Game Species and Trophies

Embarking on an African plains game hunting adventure provides hunters with an extensive list of available trophy animals, showcasing the rich biodiversity of the continent. There is a wide variety of species to choose from when selecting a package, allowing one to tailor their experience to their preferences. Among the sought-after species, the Kudu stands out as one of the spiral horn slam and elusive nature. The Waterbuck, known for its striking white ring on its rump, Nyala, with its unique spiral horns and beautiful coat, Sable Antelope, with its impressive curved horns, graceful Impala, and resilient Warthog, with its distinctive tusks, provides a thrilling challenge. These species represent just a fraction of the diverse range of animals available in Africa, ensuring that one can find an unforgettable bow hunting experience suited to their preferences.

The Southern African Spiral Horn Grand Slam

The Spiral Horn Grand Slam in South Africa is a highly coveted achievement for passionate archers and represents the pursuit of four magnificent spiral-horned antelope species. This thrilling quest involves harvesting a Kudu, Nyala, Bushbuck, and Eland, which all possess uniquely spiraled horns. Each of these species presents its own set of challenges, making the Spiral Horn Grand Slam a true test of skill, patience, and perseverance. The elusive Kudu, with its remarkable size and striking horns, is often regarded as the pinnacle of the Grand Slam. The Nyala, known for its stunning coat and elegant corkscrew horns, adds a touch of allure to the challenge. The bushbuck, with its secretive nature requires keen senses and careful stalking. Finally, the majestic Eland, the largest of the African antelope, completes the Slam with its impressive size and spiraling horns. Pursuing the Spiral Horn Grand Slam in South Africa is an extraordinary adventure that brings together the thrill of the hunt and the opportunity to immerse oneself in the remarkable beauty of these magnificent animals and their natural habitats.

Limpopo Province – The Prime Hunting Region for African Plains Game Bow Hunting

The Limpopo Province is bordered by both Zimbabwe and Mozambique and stands out as a prime hunting region for an African hunting safari, offering a remarkable combination of excellent trophy quality and diverse species. Renowned for its abundant wildlife, this region provides archers with an extraordinary opportunity to pursue a wide range of species. The Limpopo Province boasts an impressive population of animals, known for their impressive spiral horns and elusive nature. Additionally, hunters can set their sights on species such as Nyala, Waterbuck, Warthog, and many more, each offering its unique set of challenges and rewards. The region’s rich biodiversity, coupled with expertly managed hunting concessions, ensures a high probability of encountering exceptional trophy specimens. Whether it’s the thrill of stalking a trophy Gemsbok or the pursuit of other iconic game species, the Limpopo Province offers an unforgettable bow hunting experience that combines outstanding trophy quality with the awe-inspiring beauty of the African wilderness.

In the arid conditions of Northern South Africa, hunting from blinds over water holes or feed, has become the most productive method to enable archers shot opportunities. Conversely, hunts in the southern regions of South Africa require a more strategic approach involving spot and stalk hunting due to the wetter conditions. The best time of year for bow hunting is May to September, if you book your hunting trip during these months you will have the best bow hunting.

Bow hunting Safari for Dangerous Game

Bow hunting African dangerous game pushes the boundaries of the sport when compared to rifle hunting, requiring exceptional skill, precision, and nerve. Pursuing species such as Lion, Leopard, Cape buffalo with a bow demands a deep understanding of animal behavior and shot placement. It is a thrilling and intense pursuit that demands the utmost respect for the animals and the utmost proficiency in archery. Quality archery equipment becomes paramount in this endeavor. The importance of using reliable and high-performing bows, arrows, broad heads cannot be overstated. The equipment must possess exceptional accuracy, and penetration to ensure effective and ethical shots. This is not only for the safety of the client but also for the welfare of the animal being hunted. Bow hunters undertaking the challenge of African Big 5 Hunts must equip themselves with the right equipment and continually hone their skills to meet the demands of this extraordinary and exhilarating experience.

Dangerous Game Bow Hunting Regulations

Understanding the bow hunting regulations in South Africa is essential to ensure you operate within the regulations. One crucial aspect of these regulations is the requirement for a minimum level of kinetic energy to ensure effective shots on dangerous animal species. The South African bow hunting regulations require you to have a bow draw weight of at least 80 pounds and use arrows with a minimum weight of 750 grains, with fixed blade broad heads with 2 cutting surfaces. This ensures that the arrows deliver sufficient force and penetration to ethically and humanely harvest the animals. These regulations prioritize the well-being of both the hunter and the quarry, as they ensure that the equipment used is capable of delivering effective kill shots and minimize the risk of wounded or unrecovered game. Understanding and adhering to these regulations not only promotes responsible bow hunting practices but also contributes to the conservation efforts and the sustainable management of the wildlife population in Southern Africa.